has anyone had any work done to reduce the noise coming through the walls between houses? I know some noise is part & parcel of living in London but my walls seem to be especially thin and my new neighbour is noisy (house party until 6am last night - brilliant) 

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In the past I was disturbed by noisy neighbours. The noise mostly came from the back garden of the property. The occupants would return home in the early hours and continue to party in their back garden!? They were served a noise abatement notice and thankfully left not long after that. 

I feel that because Noel Park is generally so quiet, when there is a noise its more obvious. The only work that I have had done, that has helped me with noise problems, is the fitting of secondary glazing to the inside of my sash windows. Luckily I have not yet had the problem of noise through a party wall, but if I did I would let the neighbour know. 

In the summer the constant sound of a fan drowns out most irritations.

Hope you find a solution. But I don't think you need to splash out on sound insulation. 

Hi Mark

It would be really interesting to know the rough cost (and supplier!) of your secondary glazing if you feel able to tell – we got a quote for new double-glazing and it was pretty scary... hope all well with you


Hello John, sorry for the late reply. It cost £2,100 for six first floor windows in 2012. I used Anglian Windows


I had my wall thermobonded its like a thick lining for walls helps with heat retention too


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