I've been using Olio a lot during lockdown. It's an app that helps reduce food waste by allowing neighbours to share food that they're not going to use. Some members of the app sign up as food waste heros and they pick up food from bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants to share with the community.

I've noticed that most people who pick up food from me are riding their bikes from other areas. If people are coming over from Hackney, Finsbury Park and Camden, I'm thinking that we don't have many local members so, if it sounds interesting, here's a link to join: https://olioex.com

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Signed up today.  thanks

Just a quick plug for Olio. I’ve been using the app for a while now, mostly giving away things but I picked up this haul today from a neighbour who’s moving. I’ll be re-listing some things I can’t use- I.e. instant coffees and any spices to use with meat. It really is a good way to clear out your cupboards, pass on the things in the food boxes you don’t like and even, like me today, pick up some free food while helping the environment. 

How do I find the Noel Park posts?

Hi - sorry! I’m just seeing this. When you open the app you should see a list of items available. Items that are closest to you, geographically will be listed first. 

Today’s olio listing. Still fresh. I just have too many! 

Hi All:

Just a reminder of this great local service to share food and prevent waste. It's a great way to pass things on if you have some holiday excess. I often put things on it and also pick up from my neighbours. They also recently added a "make" section where you can sell things you've made.


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