Planning application: demolition of gasholders certificate of lawfullness

Can someone explain to to me? Does it mean that National Grid still has to get permission to demolish the gasholders, that it's not a done deal?

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Yes, it looks like there is still a permit to get before they can go ahead from the application letters/notices. Let's find out what's going on. If there is still a chance to save them, then we should.

I can't find a clear announcement of what is going on and what exactly the site will be used for - (housing/mixed use we know, but what where when how who.. and if final plans/proposals are not yet approved for the housing, then I thought it was not permitted to demolish the site/land - until indeed proposals are agreed.

The Oval gas holder No.1. has been saved and given Grade II listing. There is an interesting story to it - read this:

and from the guardian:

I read on twitter @parksidemalvern there was a 'farewell tour' of the site where some locals participated:

I want to go on site and will look into this. If anyone can help let me know. 

If anyone has anything specific I can help with, I'm happy to do so. I just don't know where to start and don't have time to jump blindly into researching, etc....

There's not much you can do sadly - it'll happen soon, as Heidi pointed out there's the latest here and if anyone wants to see some pics there's lots here-

Pic a screenshot from here

Thanks, That's an amazing photo. I'm quite sickened that the powers that be lack to vision to at least save one of them. They're one of the things that drew me to the area. 

I am happy to provide you all with an update on the situation at your next RA meeting (or before). The PMRA have been heavily involved throughout the process and there are Resident Business Liaison meetings held on a monthly basis with National Grid (and now St Williams). The reserved matters application recently came to the Planning Committee pre app briefing (which I chair) , details of which are online.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line for more info and a request for a meeting if that will help.

Peray Ahmet


I would like the latest update on this - I have been away for a couple of weeks and not sure if a RA meeting has taken place, sorry I missed it if so. A bit out of the local loop at the moment.  

I will email you separately Peray, I have a particular question on this. Thanks for your input.


I Think there a waste of space if they cant be used in some way, otherwise get rid of them.  

Yeah quite right. I've been having to look upon those eyesores almost daily for thirty years now. About time they knocked them down.

Although I will commend the strength of the Parkside Malvern residents group. 

Don't worry, you'll get your wish, just like M&S.

Funnily enough I used to think they were a bit of an eyesore, but they've grown on me over the past 30 years and I'm sad they're going. Colin's article is worth a read. No 3 isn't unique but No. 1 is a piece of our industrial heritage.

I just think that new housing has the ability to regenerate the area, and this should be the priority. In much the same way that the building I live in has brought 21 new home owners in to Noel Park; people who have a long-term investment and stake in the future of the area. Wood Green needs to be rejuvenated. It suffers from a failing high road, largely unchallenged street crime and rife antisocial behaviour. Perhaps an injection of new residents is exactly what the area needs to give it a more positive outlook. That, to me, is worth sacrificing the gas holders over. 

I was in Vienna recently and was lucky enough to see the converted gasometers there ( They're truly remarkable and a great example of what can be done to reinvigorate redundant industrial architecture. I think the saved gas holder in Kings Cross is great, and adds intrigue and visual stimulus to its surrounding area. However, this is Haringey we're talking about. An unloved piece of land wedged between a major railway line, an industrial (branded cultural) estate and some under-loved houses. That description could equally have applied to Kings Cross pre-2008, but its strategic location meant architectural budgets were undoubtedly higher, and heritage more valued. 

Obviously there is a desire to keep costs down, whilst still providing much-needed housing for London's growing population. The council have an unparalleled opportunity to improve Wood Green, with the heartlands development and possible Crossrail station providing the catalyst. I think it should be in the interests of all Wood Green residents to wholeheartedly back this endeavour, accepting that compromises must be made in the context of a greater good.

For the record, I did not wish to see M&S turned in to a jumble sale. I wish Wood Green were able to sustain a shop of the calibre of M&S. There was a certain prestige associated with having an M&S on the high road, and its loss is a great one indeed. I merely did not think it worth fighting to save when the decision would have been made on the grounds of poor sales, protecting brand identity and local economics. The apathy that so plagues the residents of Wood Green was again evident by the lack of response to the petition. I would have saved that energy to concentrate on finding a decent replacement for the unit.

I do wish that one gasholder had been converted, along the lines of the Vienna development, or a similar development in Ringsend in Dublin, but I think you've made a good case for demolition in this instance. 

M & S could have survived in Wood Green if they'd made even a token effort to offer a better range of their products, or improve the store layout, or upgraded their foodstore to a Simply Foods, as they did in Holloway. Despite the fact that they were my main source of school uniform items, I don't miss them half as much as I thought I would. I sensed a lack of commitment to the area, and only ever used it to pick up items I'd ordered online. I agree, concentrating on finding a decent anchor replacement for M & S was and is more important. 


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