Hi all,

I recently moved to Noel Park and am looking into replacing my windows (and possibly front door). I realise that I need planning permission due to NP's conservation area status, but I was wondering if anyone else here had any experience in going through the process which they wouldn't mind sharing?

More specifically I was wondering to what extent I need to supply technical drawings if the windows are a simple one-for-one single glazed to double glazed swap? If so, are architects the people to ask or can window providers in the local area help me out?

Any other advice which could be offered would be much appreciated!

Kind Regards


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I cut this from the Noel Park conservation guidelines:


Residents are encouraged to retain and existing sash windows where possible. UPVC replacement windows cannot replicate the appearance of original windows and are not appropriate in the conservation area. It is never appropriate to alter the configuration of windows or the size of openings. Where windows have been altered, every opportunity should be taken to restore them to their original style.


•Repairs should be made by removing decayed wood and grafting in a new piece to match the existing.

• Decay can be minimised by maintaining the putty to the glazing (therefore preventing water build up around the frames) and by regular painting.

• The thermal performance of windows can be significantly improved through the use of draught excluders made especially for sash windows and/or discreet secondary glazing. Replacement •

Replacement windows should be wooden sashes which carefully match the original design. These should replicate all dimensions including the thickness and profile of frames and sash horns, and the configuration, thickness and profile of glazing bars.

• Windows can be double-glazed, provided it is still possible to replicate the original frame profile.

• There may be more flexibility about materials where windows are on rear elevations and not visible from the street.

• In cases where a previously altered window is to be replaced, the new window should seek to replicate the original details, which can usually be ascertained by looking at nearby houses of the same type. Where the Article 4 Direction applies, planning permission is required for the replacement of windows. Applications shouldPermission is not required for maintenance and like for like repairs. 


Hi Rachella,

Thanks very much for this - I had a good read of the document prior to posting here but it's always useful to look again at the material.

Has anyone here been through the process of replacing their windows? Ideally I wouldn't want to have to go through the rigmarole of producing technical drawings. Perhaps I should give the Planning Dept a call...

A couple of my neighbours have. They're on Noel Park net so perhaps will comment or contact you privately (hint, hint).

Hint taken! ;-)

Get in touch Dean. Happy to help.

Hi Dean,

Welcome to Noel Park. A few days ago I sent an email to this address: s-planningDTO@haringey.gov.uk and they replied in 2-3 days.

My query was about the possibility of converting a window into a door, and vice-versa, in a rear elevation (I stressed that Noel Park is a conservation area), which is something more noticeable than just replacing existing features. Robbie McNaugher (Team Leader - Development Management) replied:

"If the property is a house and not a flat then permission is not required for a change from a door to a window in the rear elevation."

They didn't mention anything about the choice of materials (e,g timber vs UPVC) or about replicating the appearance of the original features. However I don't know if that's because a rear wall is not visible from the street or the Coucil being too lax, has it has happened many times in the past. Also, I don't see why there should be a difference between houses and flats.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Piero, much obliged. I've been in touch with the Plannin


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