Dear friends of Noel Park,

I'm sorry to report ANOTHER planning violation. Over the weekend the original windows at 43 Russell Avenue were crudely ripped out and replace with ugly, unsuitable PVC windows.

This is such a shame when the council has done such a good job in replacing all of the windows in council-owned properties on the street with sensitively-designed replacements.

If you can spare a moment, please submit your objections and report the violation here, when the whole community throws its weight behind things like this, I hope we can make a big change.

(Pictures attached below, since taking them all original windows have been ripped out)

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I agree - this is so depressing, especially as the damage is done once the old windows have been ripped out. Thanks for the link - but I think it's number 47 not 43 for anyone making a complaint.

Thank you, you're right - it is 47.

I agree. Yet another Noel Park victorian property has its original character ripped out. And as a result has had its value lowered. Also the owners are now potentially about to be faced with the very expensive cost of reversing the damage.

This is especially annoying after all the work we did on the Noel Park conservation appraisal:

Disturbingly, this was on Twitter this week:

I think this new status reflects the work the council has done putting new windows and doors in the council houses on the estate. 

It would be nice to see the enforcement team take an interest since most of the homes on the estate are not owned by the council.

Does any one know who to get in touch with to get the right people in to replace the windows ? Or does anyone know the name and contact details of the firm that did the council properties ? I got in touch with the Haringey conservation office got no reply..... 

Waites is doing the council properties. They are currently working out of the old schoolkeeper's cottage next door to Noel Park Primary School.


Same on Morley avenue across from us X we reported them to the council X my son said he saw four houses on Mosley replacing with PVC he thought the council did it? Is that true?

No: The council is replacing with double-glazed wooden sash windows.


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