Just saw this on the BBC Breaking News twitter feed.

Plans to shut all London Underground ticket offices, with loss of 750 jobs, are announced bbc.in/18qcbf3

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About time really. They've had it too good for too long and hold tfl to ransom at any given opportunity. £50k and 52 days holiday a year for a job that's not required. The RMT are their own worst enemy - it's their greed that has driven these cuts.

Bob Crowe will play the inevitable safety card, but the stations and trains will still be manned. London's a great city. It has to move with the times to stay that way.

Next stop, driverless tubes

One of my cousins used to be a train driver & has many horror stories about unstaffed stations.

I'd certainly prefer staffed ticket offices and plenty of staff available in the station for everyday and emergency situations. I'd also prefer the ticket money went to keep people employed rather than replacing jobs with technology. Just my preference ;-)

The actual plans from LU are very clear and concise. Ticket offices will be closed, but there will be staff on the station. I work for LU and personally think it's the way forward. The unions play the safety card, but in reality, that is and always will be london undergrounds number 1 priority. Ticket money does keep people employed but does so in terms of station upgrades, new trains etc.

I know it doesn't mean anything, but I would feel safer if I knew people were in the ticket offices, especially stations that have a lot of rowdies.

I agree. The presence of a uniformed member of staff, even behind a ticket counter can sometimes prevent trouble brewing. I know station staff face a lot of abuse for their trouble but the lack of a presence will lead to even more crime and anti-social behaviour once these people know the situation is unsupervised.

CCTV will provide little comfort as it will take time for help to arrive.

Whatever the position with holidays and salaries, let's not forget that it's the physical presence of people who keep our transport system safe.

I understand your point. Unfortunately the way the media have portrayed it plays right into the unions hands. There will not be a lesser presence in the stations in terms of numbers.
Just no ticket office staff. Realistically, would someone behind a secure ticket office really get involved in any trouble anyway? Ticket offices are generally redundant now. It's just a natural move forward


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