Please complete a 5 minute survey: Private Rented Properties – Licensing consultation

Hello all,

You've all until March 5th to provide opinions on the proposed licensing of rented property in Noel Park.

Please comment. This is an important issue for the neighborhood as a whole. Currently all the privately rented accommodation on my block except one is grossly overcrowded (next door 10  people and directly across eight). No wonder we have problems with rubbish disposal.

First link is about the proposal:

second is the survey:

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Just a side note I am on an accidental mailing list of sorts created by the council. A lot of landlords have been accidentally using the 'reply all'. It has made for some enlightening and colourful reading. They hold a lot of tenants in contempt. Sad. Private renters have the least housing rights. 

When I went to the consultation in the mall the council officer who was there to answer questions mentioned that so far, most people who responded have been landlords. She was eager to know if residents care.

The consultation ends on Monday, so please take a couple of minutes to fill out the online form.


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