The joke is that Moore was obviously told by his researcher that Noel Park Estate was some sort of sink housing estate, instead of the thriving and safe community it is. Typical Torygraph  not to bother about checking anything!

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It's appalling, isn't it?

There's a whole discussion on the subject, here:

I guess I'm not following what the uproar is about. Is it because a Tory said something or is it because people truly think Noel Park doesn't have a gang issue? Or is it something else entirely that I'm missing? Are residents really that unaware of the gang problem in Noel Park? I can imagine if you live in the more central part of the estate you could carry on with day to day life thinking there is only really a drug dealing problem and flytipping/rubbish issue. 

I'm only asking because after living in Noel Park for only three years, we decided to sell our flat and move out of the area due to the violence. We previously lived on the other side of the High Road in Wood Green for several years and never experienced or witnessed anything like what we did in Noel Park. The rubbish and flytipping got us down but it was the violence that made us feel we needed to get out. I'm not talking about 'just' the fist fights. I'm talking about shootings and stabbings. My gosh, within a month of moving into our flat we heard a gunshot outside ours. Those who were involved ran into their homes on Glynne, Pelham and Lymington. After witnessing dozens more over the next couple years, the final straw was witnessing a shooting and samurai sword fight in A&S. It happened in daylight in summer. There is something terrifying about watching someone aiming a gun at someone with the intention of killing. There is something chilling about watching someone covered in blood nonchalantly walking down the street holding a samurai sword. This, like most of the violent incidents that occurred outside our home, did not make the news. It also took police 30 minutes to arrive to this incident. So, you can imagine, I find it difficult to understand people who think Noel Park has an unnecessarily bad reputation.

For those interested - the CCTV of the gun/sword fight that Marie mentions here was put on Youtube by the police:

It's really worth a watch. No one gets too seriously hurt, so it's a safe enough watch. A guy does take a meat clever to the face at one point though.

Sorry. I rapidly lost interest in what (nonsense) was being said. 


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