Does anyone else have a problem with industrial / commercial rat-runners in their heavy trucks, lorries, buses, vans driving down the quiet residential streets of Noel Park? 

Moselle Avenue seems to suffer greatly due to it's proximity and easy access from Lordship Lane. The rat-run is even suggested by google maps!

Our dear house shudders and jolts as a direct result of a non-stop HGV going by and says help me!

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It seems to be getting worse in the morning - 8 till 9 am.  People trying to avoid the junction by Wood Green tube.

Hi Andy,

We agree totally. We predict it will get worse still when Travelodge opens with the laundry and food trucks.

The Wood Green Tube road junction at Lordship Lane is cluttered up unnecessarily with buses (67, 329, 123, 29, 230) which don't have stops there. They park in Redvers Road / Buller Road instead of the Bus Station.

We are complaining to Haringey Council about the Moselle Avenue rat-run.

Good, if you'd like me to contact them as well please let me know.

Yes, that would be good. We are collecting council ref numbers like confetti on this!  WK382947, WK381457, WK379895. We're corresponding with

and also Cllr Peray Ahmet, the CEO, etc.

Toby is meeting us on the 8th June outside our house, number 11. 

Thank you

It's also really bad at Gladstone and Mark Road. The traffic markers/bollards on the end of Gladstone  are knocked down every week by cars and trucks that come around the corner too fast. 

Same problem in Pelham Road. Large trucks heading for Lidl or Argos squeeze between the parked cars, when they could follow a much easier route via Noel Park Road. which has double yellow lines thus no parked cars, fewer houses to disturb,and is straighter! I blame sat-nav...Sainsbury's trucks seem to follow this better route but the others can't manage it!

Friday mornings are especially annoying when all the people trying to use it as a rat run get stuck behind the bin lorries and sit there honking their horns incessantly

Yes, Claire, we had that enhancing experience when we were getting into a pre-booked taxi in front of our house. In no time at all there were about 8 cars pulled up behind our taxi honking away!

Good news. A traffic survey, by the council,  is taking place!  Have you all seen the traffic counting leads across the road?

I was concerned about the traffic survey - as I had suspicions it may be linked to the proposed Noel Park through-routes as part of the recent Wood Green AAP - so I emailed the council. This is their response to my queries: 

(email 1 dated 31/5/17)

Hello Ms Saarinen, 

Thank you for your email dated 17 May and titled Highways Traffic counters in Noel Park.

We have arranged for several automatic traffic counters(ATC) to be installed in the Noel Park area to record the following data.  Speed of traffic, direction of travel, class of vehicle and volume of traffic.  This data is being recorded to better understand how traffic operates within the area.


Toby Bowden

Senior Engineer



(email 2 dated 31/5/17)


The traffic surveys are not related to Wood Green AAP proposals.

As per my previous email - This data is being recorded to better understand how traffic operates within the area.  We have no plans to make any changes in the Noel Park area as a result of these surveys.

Kind Regards

Toby Bowden

Senior Engineer

That's interesting.  From the AAP they seemed intent on upgrading a through route in Noel Park.  The 'East-West' route.  I can't see it working, unless they couldn't care about changing the current residential nature of the roads.

I've lived in Moselle Avenue for nearly sixteen years and it was always a bit of a problem, but I think it is getting substantially worse. Making it one-way or closing one end with an automatic rising/falling bollard might help. Access to the "gardens" streets between St Ann's Road and Green Lanes has one of these bollards at the intersection of Warwick Gardens and St Ann's Road. I imagine there's a fine line though between limiting access and inconveniencing us all. Maybe Toby Bowden could comment on this Heidi if you could bear to suggest it to him. Hope you're well by the way Heidi!


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