Does anyone else have a problem with industrial / commercial rat-runners in their heavy trucks, lorries, buses, vans driving down the quiet residential streets of Noel Park? 

Moselle Avenue seems to suffer greatly due to it's proximity and easy access from Lordship Lane. The rat-run is even suggested by google maps!

Our dear house shudders and jolts as a direct result of a non-stop HGV going by and says help me!

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Hi Peter, Yes, I will let Toby Bowden (and the AAP representatives if I can track them down) know your/our thoughts and ask them to seriously consider our situation (and the fact that this is a Conservation Area). Peter, I've sent you a friend request, so you can send me your email through a message (mine has changed since we last met). I want to send you an invite to my show at Green Rooms from 23rd June and also to meet up and catch up anyway. H  

Totally agree. Nothing worse than a 20 tonne truck waking you up at 8 a in the morning by making your house rattle.

One neighbours suggested making Moselle Avenue.a one way.road. I think he is trying to petition the council. If it were to run from the High Road to Lordship Lane it could reduce traffic flow.

yes - if it ran that way it might work, it if was one way the other way it'd just make things worse!  I'd favour the bollard option between 8-9.

As I live further up I don't get the worst of the rat running.  I see lots of cars turning into Vincent Road, on my way to the tube.

I am not sure about making Moselle Avenue into a one-way at this point, that may make traffic even worse - and can you imagine if you live here, like I do? I have to think about this one. I leave for work v early and return late most days so I don't really see the traffic problems every day so may not qualify for his opinion. Moselle Avenue is a narrow residential road, within a Conservation Area, let's not forget, so I don't understand how they would even consider this as a 'through-route'? In the first instance, large lorries/HGV's should be prohibited. To be continued..  

Hi Heidi,  

Thank you. You are right.

As a result of the traffic survey there are nearly 2000 vehicles per day driving down Moselle Avenue. By far the worst are the HGV's, trucks, lorries, vans and buses entering Moselle Avenue via Vincent Road and rat-running  towards Gladstone Avenue. In this section of the avenue there are only 65 houses and not everyone owns a vehicle.

Lordship Lane has "other problems" that could be addressed in that buses 67, 123, 230, 329, 29, 243 park up in Redvers Road pull out into Lordship Lane near the tube, cluttering up the junction even though they don't have a bus stops there! 

The main problem for us is that the walls and joists of the historic houses jolt, shudder, jar as a direct result of a heavy truck going by on a sat nav recommended rat-run. 

There are simple solutions which we have shared with the council and  include protecting Morley and Farrant Avenues' should the problem traffic relocate.

Is it possible to measure the degree and frequency of vibration with a seismograph? The council must have this kind of equipment. Perhaps it has already been recorded in the traffic survey...

Do you believe that the council is prepared to try and protect Noel Park from this volume and weight of traffic?

Did you hear those big lorries this evening. What is happening?

Who knows? There are massive HGV refuse trucks from Islington Council / Veolia that thunder along Moselle Avenue late at night. Certainly not on refuse collection in Moselle but most certainly jolting the houses. This is a result of Haringey Council refusing to restrict rat-running HGV's, trucks, lorries and buses, etc, through the narrow residential avenues of a conservation area. The same avenues that they have described as cosy, modest and quiet!
It would be great if there were a 10 mph speed limit on Moselle Avenue, especially as kids play in the.street. Or the width of vehicles passing down the street be limited to 2.3 metres with bollards. If the width of vehicles was limited then this would prevent lorries from passing through and slow the vans. The bumps are 10 mph limiters but only work for cars. Vans and lorries have super high suspension and just bounce over them sending shudders through the surrounding houses. This is really frustrating.


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