Rental property licensing schemes up for consultation

Finally Haringey Council is doing something about the poor housing conditions many private renters are subjected to. Two scheme are up for consultation. Details here:

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About time to crack down on the Noel Park slumlords.

I do not find the selective licencing equitable or fair. They do not intend to select all private landlords but seemingly only those in certain post codes where social reports and ASBO’s are high from police or other professionals. Or tenants.  For example Lymington Avenue from Darwin Road to Lordship  Lane area is a selected area.

In principal therefore , should I ever rent my property I would be subject to licencing. However house 143 on Lymington Avenue that is a rental and I believe multi tenanted with heaps of fridges pallets and general household refurbishment dumped in the front yard for months would not have to. I would be well annoyed to be paying a licence when that landlord clearly has not complied with conservation regs and I have and the house is a street eyesore.. Especially given the expense I have put into my refurbishment as well.

If private rentals are to be regulated and licensed it should be ALL private landlords. 

Finally,  I fear this council may use it as just another fund raisers for their failing council tax coffers but like all the conservation regulations  they fail to enforce they will fail to enforce  the breached housing regs . Why do I believe this? because they do not have enough time or money for court orders. A licence fee is 500 quid for five years. Will that give them the money and staff to enforce.? No I think this will just be a fund raiser and some private landlords will suffer and others will not in terms of extra cost. But the shite landlords will likely still get away with their shite.

I have suggested in my consultation return that full licencing for all would give them the powers  when inspecting to ask for planning permission on Noel Park . Now would not that be nice to see some changes there to the ripped out doors the cut away brick front fences the plastic glazing,? 

The landlords will have to comply with building regs, safety regs,  the housing act why not planning permission as well?

The consultation paper is on line, but there are , as far as I can ascertain no dates and venues given for the promised forum discussions intended to take place through out the borough. All it says is ‘ leave your name and postcode and email address and people will be invited on a ‘ first come, first served basis’. Anyone else see them listed? 

Well sorry I wonder if there will be any at all. How would you know if they were fully subscribed if no dates or venues are given for such discussions.? !

Sorry, I do not trust this making scheme. That is all.

Chrystine Lymington Avenue

There’s a consultation today for anyone who’s around during the day. I just saw this on twitter: 

A reminder that we have a public drop-in session in Wood Green today about our consultation on Additional and Selective licensing for private rented properties (10am-2pm) Please come along and let us know your views

Hi Rachella  I am just seeing this and I have missed it.

I filled in my online consultation and at the end there is a question to state that you want to attend a consultation and I ticked the affirmative. 

I received an email from the woman in the council running the consultation and she told me the public meeting forum was full ( no date or venue provided )in January and if there were enough residents and private landlords who still wanted to attend they ‘ might’ hold another public forum discussion  in February.

instead she gave me a list of surgeries to be held across the borough of which the Woodgreen Library one was one of them. I prefer to attend an open public discussion rather than a surgery because at public discussions other people raise issues and information that you did not know or think of. The surgery operation is a bit divide and rule.

i wondered, sceptical that I am whether the only people invited to public forum discussions were the ones that ticked the right boxes and did not raise controversy on the questionnaire. I simply do not trust our council.

There is a surgery I can attend at my gym in February. I will go to that surgery. But I think it is amiss not to openly give dates and venues of public discussion meetings and say it is ‘ first come, first serve only’ and you only get to apply by filling the consultation questionnaire.

Makes mee wonder two things:

1) Was there ever one in the first place, or if there was ...

2) the only people who were invited were the people who completed the questionnaire agreeing with them.

By the way, the eyesore house I spoke to in my earlier discussion is 142 Lymington, not 143. Error. Sorry if I shamed anyone’s address incorrectly. I know the house is rented because I knocked and asked if they wanted the pallets in the front yard in the autumn. A number of young men stuck their head out the front window and after a long time a young man with very broken English came to the door and said the landlord wanted them and he would not see him for a long time. The pallets and all the white good and household rubbish still sits in the front door to this day. 

I went to the consultation and had a conversation with the council officers running the booth. I was told that the main reason the council wants to implement the licensing scheme is to have more control over the living conditions that people with rogue landlords are forced to live under, and to reduce the neighbourhood problems cause by some of those living conditions: overcrowding, dangerous buildings, exploination... 

There are two schemes because, according the the officer I spoke to,  over 50% of rental housing in Haringey are HMOs. Unregistered HMOs cause even more problems, including antisocial behaviour, flytipping and exploitation, also dangerous conditions for tenants, including many children in the borough. 

Apparently a large majority of people who have filled out the survey are landlords who are naturally against it. The council is eager to get input from residents so please fill out the consultation ASAP!

here's the direct link:

Private Rented Property Licensing Consultation


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