Hi everyone,

Just wanted to put the word out there that I will have a room to rent from December in NP.

Ideally I'm looking for a mid week person or a short term lodger.

I'm looking at different places to advertise but I remember there was one Sunday market when a lady was coming whose job was to find accommodation for foreign students. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the market so can anyone help me with her contacts?

And if you know of anyone looking please let me know.

Thanks for your help.


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Are you familiar with AirBNB: https://www.airbnb.co.uk

You can have occasional visitors and still make the maximum allowable by the government before paying additional taxes. We get quite a few people who come for concerts and events at the Ally Pally, parents visiting their children in the area and American & French tourists. Here's our link: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/358360


Thanks for that - yes I'd heard of AirBNB and will definately use that, although I was hoping for a more regular lodger but it would be a good start. Your page looks great by the way!

Thanks again.

if looking for a student lodger you could try contacting some of the colleges to see if they manage lists for new starters, and what would be necessary to get on a list.  

Hi guys, I've been on those lists/agencies for university lodgers. The Uni's usually want proof of insurance, gas inspection certificate, dinner, speaking exercises. Usually the students who seek placement are from overseas and want some hand holding. Keep in mind this was 3 years ago, things may have changed. 

If wanting to go the route of lodger for only 5 days a week you will have to be patient and keep your ear to the ground. I have a friend who has a M-F lodger who works at the House of Commons five days and then leaves London to go back North. Mind you, they live in Southwark across the water from Commons. You may want to put up specific ads (which I've tried also) but I had to vet a lot of calls from people who didn't read the ad carefully.

there is also a website called something like mondaytofriday.com...


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