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Is the fence on Darwin Still broken? I haven't been to the part since I took this photo and reported it about two weeks ago, but it may be a contributing factor.

Yep, I walked past today and guess what? The fence is still broken. I didn't tweet it previously because I thought it might just serve as an open invitation to all. However, that seems to be the only way things are fixed around here. It's tweeted now so we'll see what happens.

I'd invest in a high powered flashlight and shine it on them.

I agree with you Rachella. I have noticed that if you want things done by Haringey council, you should tweet it.  Writing to them or ringing them gets you nowhere and yet putting on twitter it gets done straight away.  Lately I been using Twitter for flytipping and immediately the next day it's gone. 

You're correct I just saw this on twitter:

@NoelParkN22 @teamnoelpark @NoelParkLabour Hello, an officer is visiting today to inspect. Then they'll arrange for repair, thanks.

I reported the damaged fence on monday via the councils web site/report a problem facility. I was concerned that it had been done to provide access to the park for drug dealing. I hope the problem is soon resolved.  

The park seems like a weird place to go for sex. The ground is covered in dog shit and drugs paraphernalia. It's not the most romantic of settings either, even on a warm night. The swings are at the entirely wrong height to be used as sex-aids although I suppose the parallel bars could be utilised by the more athletic. Are you suggesting this is prostitution? I walked by the park at about 10pm the other night and the gates were wide open. 

Really? That's slack - they used to close them dead on time. 

Until this thread started, I thought illegal dogfights were the main antisocial activity in Russell Park after hours. 

And yes, Tweeting is by far the best way to get a response from the council. The person running Veolia's Twitter feed for Haringey is helpful as well. I do report through the app in the first instance, but the response rate is patchy. 

Have just past the damaged fence. Someone has tried to fix it with a plastic tie! Am not feeling too confident that this shall be strong enough to resist nocturnal urges!! 

As suspected the tie did not last! 


Let's hope that was a random good samaritan and not a council "solution".


I hope everyone who's worried about this is coming to the event in the park this Saturday. The police have sponsored it, along with Big Local, and at least a couple of local officers will be there, among other local organisations.


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