Can anyone give me contact details of who I approach in the council with my concerns regarding the estates trees. I have noticed that over the last few years the pruning of the estates trees in the roads has been done in a destructive way. This was especially the case last year when the leaf growth was completely removed from the victorian planted trees, way before the trees had the chance to extract the nutrients from the leaves back into the tree. 

This has now caused some of the council damaged trees to have an odd looking leaf growth, where leaves are growing out the tree trunks rather than from branches. Other trees that have suffered the same hacking are very slowly showing signs of leaf production, but I don't think the estates original trees will take this policy of severe pruning for much longer.

Thanks, Mark

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This pruning practice is not peculiar to Noel Park, it happens across Haringey. 

I've often wondered about it and share the fears for the future well being of the trees. My guess is that this saves a fortune in the autumn when there are few leaves to sweep up, and fewer angry householders complaining about blocked gutters. 

More guessing - if we ask Haringey for an opinion the the Chief Arboricultural Adviser will say , approximately, "LBH has a duty of care to residents and biodiversity and has adopted this widespread and proven technique to manage leaf growth".  I don't know what the truth might be.

To root out a true answer For contacts I'd start with the local branch of the London Tree Officers Association and leave no stone unturned. Please let us know if you get a plane answer.


Arboricultural and Allotments Service
4th Floor
River Park House
225 High Road
N22 8HQ

Arboricultural and Allotments Manager
Name: Alex Fraser
Phone: 020 8489 5657
Senior Arboricultural and Allotments Officer
Name: Clare Pappalardo
Phone: 020 8489 5774

Thank you Adrian, you have been very helpful, shall let you know how it goes.

Regards Mark

The man to contact is our hard working Senior Tree Officer Alex Fraser.  []    or the Tree Trust for Haringey or the Haringey Tree Wardens, all of whom might have advice. Crown Lifting and pruning of trees [like most things] has been out sourced, so it's not always done as well as it should be......

Thank you Elizabeth, I shall be in touch with Alex.

Also, surely they can’t soak up any pollution if they have no leaves?

It may be that  leafless trees are actually less harmful than leafy ones. Research is emerging to suggest that in some circumstances trees concentrate the pollution

Not much actual research evidenced there but an interesting hypothesis

A big joke is that the really cut back the trees in Noel Pak school.                                                                                  Which needs Trees to reduce local Pollution

Expect its been done on costs Basis.  A Heavy cut saves annual trims

Especially as All work is now carried out by Contractors

But as stated it will come under Housing Management. If Trees are on Estates

A good issue for Elected Ward Councillors to get involved with


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