Hi neighbours,

I've just come across a consultation from the council which I think we all should comment on.

Long-short, the council has collected some money from the developments happening in the Noel Park/Harringey area (Clarendon, the new building plans in the high street...), so WE have £1,251,384 which can be invested in road/footpath improvements, playgrounds, CCTV, lighting, new trees, or other infrastructure projects.

The council wants to change the current legislation to be able to spend this money in any other areas within the council instead of our community.

This is important for us if we want to see any improvement fight against fly tipping and other crimes with cameras and have a nicer high street and surrounds.

You can consult the map of the areas and full document here: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning/...

Please give your opinion here before the 3rd March: ncil@haringey.gov.uk


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

The council says that it would be a more fair distribution but, actually - as I understand it -  it's money developers are required to pay to support the local neighbourhood that large developments are built into. If they did redistribute, that would mean that we suffer the drawbacks of large developments, for example, smaller houses overshadowed by large developments, without a proportionate share of the funding that could help with the infrastructure that will be strained by large developments. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
The money SHOULD be used IN THE AREA OF DEVELOPMENT. This is a requirement (as I understand it without further intel) in developments such as these.
I’ll check the details and will oppose/comment. Please all do the same.
Does anyone on her know who heads up our Neighborhood Areas under that Localism Act?

Question " . . . . . who heads up our Neighborhood Areas . . ."?   Answer - you do.

The Neighbourhood Areas are manufactured from Haringey's imagination. They do not relate to wards, or parliamentary constituencies or any other recognisable pre-existing thingamajig. So crack on and take action.  It's up to you.

Take a look at the map. Ask, for instance why Priory Park has been lumped in with Muswell Hill and not Hornsey or Crouch End.

The only exception is an area with a Neighbourhood Forum. There are 3 in Haringey at present Highgate and Crouch End and Finsbury Park. This unpleasant money grab dressed up as fairness does not apply to Neighbourhood Areas. YET!

There is a discussion about this on HoL also posted by Elena. I've been using it to think out loud and I hope my views are becoming more coherent.

I reckon they should not be allowed to get away with this. If they want to achieve fairness they have the means. If Neighbourhood CIL is £2,366,302 = 15% of the total, then Borough Wide CIL at 85% is £13,409,044. So to achieve "fairness" each of the two boroughs with least NCIL could have £6,704,522. They should keep their grubby mitts off the sums each of the other areas needs to deal with the mass of high rises  

My only concern is that not enough residents submit their objection. Plus, are we talking about 500 objections, 1000 objections...what's the threshold which will ensure the council isn't able to change the law?!

Haringey is governed by a cabinet of 10 members. This group decides all council policy under the leadership of its , well, leader.

If the graphic below is correct then the answer to the question "what's the threshold . . . . ?" is either 10 or "sorry there isn't one". If the 10 cabinet members think this isn't a good idea then those 10 opinions would be enough to get this proposal dropped. But they put it up for consultation, so they think it's a good idea and are very unlikely not to nod it through. So another answer might be "270,614 would not be enough". Democracy in action. 

But send your responses in anyway. The only thing necessary for the triumph of a small cabal of like minded politicians is that the rest of us do nothing.

So the plot thickens. I've just spoken to Bryce, Principle Planning Officer, and he says that at the end of the consultation - they will review the totality of feedback. There is no set limit (i.e. we need to recieve 500 names to stop this). Like others have suggested, i think we need to hit the streets and get signatures to stop this. I'm concerned that not enough people will read these posts and submit a response.

And appeal to authority. Councillors, residents' associations, community centres and schools. I believe the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum will be commenting.

Thanks for bring this into the light. I will send a letter/email. We could go and see the councillor on Saturday. I would be happy to do this if any one else is available? It just takes an hour.

Here's the letter I wrote to the council - Adrian, I love your phrase "unpleasant money grab dressed up as “fairness'" and used it in my letter.

Feel free to use my letter as a guideline. Don't copy it verbatim, though, because then the council will could both letters as one single letter - I was told this by a council officer during a previous consultation. 


As a resident of Noel Park (Area 4) I oppose changing the NCIL for redistribution to other areas. 
To transfer funds that could be used to mitigate some of the negative effects of large developments on residents would be irresponsible and foolhardy. Noel Park and Haringey are in desperate need of the funds and will suffer greatly from the strain large developments will place on our infrastructure. 
Your consultation documents state that these funds can be used for:
  • Road and footpath improvements
  • Tree planting
  • New or improved play spaces and facilities
  • Community safety measures (eg CCTV, lighting)
  • New or improved cycling facilities
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Improvements to school grounds and buildings
  • The improvement of local facilities such as libraries, community centres or sports halls
Noel Park and Haringey are in dire need of improvements in all of these areas, yet, when residents request a repair or improvement that falls within these guidelines we are told there are no funds despite a balance the £1,251,384 assigned to our area. 
I strongly oppose this unpleasant money grab dressed up as “fairness” and have CCed my local councillors and my MP.

Why do you have to admit you are in one of the NCIL rich areas. Leave out this information and object in principle as a resident of the borough. 

Good point! 


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