Hello Noel Parkers

A friend has kindly donated her old sofa to me which is really great news. 

It's not the biggest thing in the world. The dimensions are 190 x 80 x 90 cms without the cushions on.  However, I measured my doorway and its considerably narrower than 80cms and the hallway is a little lacking in space too, with a radiator in the way etc although wider than 80cms (wall to wall).  I'm guessing its going to be difficult to fit it in. 

My house is of the Bury Road style with the front door slightly set back (opens into the house) and under the little porch thing.  And I have very narrow hallway. 

I was a little overexcited about the sofa but I can't work out whether even with putting in in its side and trying to post it through the doorway lengthways and a whole lot of other cunning manoeuvres (possibly taking the door off) I could get it into the lounge.  What would have originally been the front room doorway has been blocked off and the doorway to knocked through rooms is near the stairway which again is narrower than 80cms.

I'd love to give the sofa a home in time for Christmas...

Any thoughts really gratefully received.


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Apologies if some of the below have been thought of :

1. Removing the sash windows and posting them through if windows are wider. It can be easily re-sashed depending on how carefully beading is removed but means the window will need to be repainted.

2. What to the measurements when the sofa is tilted on a corner come do? Are the arms in the way?

3. Giving it a go regardless as sometimes even though it may appear to be mathematically impossible, it could still work with movers trying out a variety of tilts and having a plan B for sending the sofa somewhere else.

We were lucky when we moved in, the back to our sofa could be removed and all it involved was some creative manouvering by the removal men.

Is it possible to remove the sofas feet/arms? When my old sofa was taken away I was surprised how quick and easy it was for the men to do this. They pulled away part of the under lining in order to gain access to the bolts (inside the sofa) that held the arms on. 

The body of my sofa is also wider and taller than the door (it's a chesterfield) but the delivery men took the legs off and got it through somehow. I also had to take the top off the dining room to get it through the door.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, really, really kind of you. 

Unfortunately the previous occupant of the money pit put in pvc windows which I haven't got round to changing.  And the door is a pretty shambolic 70s affair that restricts space.  Otherwise I think I could have got it in with only little stress.

I think I'll try just give it a go and maybe take the front door off.  If that fails, taking the arms off must be an option too, fingers crossed. 

Thanks a million! x

Can it go in through the window? Oops just saw this had already been considered (couldn't see the replies earlier..)


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