Wood Green is mentioned in the Evening Standard property section today featuring Hornsey.

Keeping in mind it's the property section the piece was OK until it got to Wood Green:

"To the east is Wood Green shopping centre, a drab and slightly threatening post-war precinct. Right now there would be little reason for Hornsey residents to venture there, but for the future there’s a £3.5 billion plan to upgrade the shopping centre, create a new town centre and a whopping 6,400 new homes."

Firstly, although Shopping City is way post war (the 80's, to be exact) , the rest of the area is Vistorian. WTW Evening Standard? Did you fire all your fact checkers or don't they bother with the fiction real estate section?

Here's the link if anyone wants to read it.

A future hotspot to watch :Hornsey in north London is heating up

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  • Haringey is a borough split in half. If you live in N22, N17 or N15 it's all doom and gloom! Wood Green is not perfect. Well, maybe that's why I like living here!  It make laugh when a newspapers like the Standard thinks it's okay to rubbish an area like N22. However,maybe someone should point out that the new housing developement around Clarendon Road N8 is in Wood Green! 

Not sure if this has already bben reported here, but it seems the plans to demolish Page High, Sky City and The Mall have been dropped. This is from Council website:

“This new administration has made it clear that social housing is at our very heart. We have listened to representations made by residents of Page High and Sky City, and by the Mall, and are intending to remove these sites from redevelopment plans.

 Let there be no doubt: we have ambitious plans for Wood Green, including creating thousands of homes and jobs, and a modern, green and sustainable town centre - delivering the change our communities have told us they want to see.

 But regeneration is not just about shiny new buildings, it is also about social and economic change. This decision shows that we will listen to residents, and will deliver the kind of change that works for all.”


Key points:

  •  The Mall has indicated that it no longer supports a full redevelopment of the Mall and in making this decision the council has also taken account of representations made by the residents of the social housing located above the mall.
  •   Work is also being undertaken on a number of the other site allocations, following representations, to increase the level of employment space on some sites. The council is confident that it can still deliver significant and transformational change within the Town Centre and strengthen its performance as a Metropolitan Town Centre through the revised AAP.
  •  The AAP will establish the statutory basis for determining planning applications in Haringey. When adopted it will form part of the Haringey Local Plan. Wood Green is identified as a Growth Area in Haringey’s Local Plan, with the AAP identifying a narrative to deliver new jobs and homes, improvements to the town centre offer, its environment, local connections and social infrastructure."

I also notice that a planning application has been submitted for the redevelopment of the former BHS store site in the High Road..

I notice that too! When did Wood Green become Hornsey?

Google maps thinks we're in Tottenham and The Evening Standard thinks we're Hornsy. I suppose geographic location is fluid now. I was in H&M the other day and noticed a shirt that said Oakland is is San Francisco. That's like saying Kent is in London.


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