Hi all
Getting fed up of paying for bin men who deem my bins not full enough and just leaving then. Have copied in Cllr Peray to no avail. Any ideas on how to either get collections or get a refund???

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This is a tricky one because we don't pay a fee specifically for rubbish collection. It comes out of council tax so the council has to figure out what percentage of your council tax goes toward rubbish collection. Add to that the fact that residents pay varying amounts of council tax, depending on their situation, and it becomes even more confusing. 

True Rachella. I'm just getting annoyed at paying for something that doesn't happen. Haringey shouldn't be paying them. I have filmed them checking my bin then leaving it for not being full enough

Awful! Put it on twitter - or you could send it to @noelparkN22 to put it on Twitter. 

I'm not on Twitter. Such a luddite!

DM us the info & we'll put it up on our twitter feed. Veolia responds quickly to that feed since it has a lot of followers. Just include whatever info you want shared, plus a photo. 

Hi Nadya,
We agree with you. At least 3 times this year our bin "collection has been missed".
Our food recycling was missed too recently. There were flies everywhere and a stench!
The only solution is to complain. We did and got a polite apology from Haringey.
Haringey may not be aware unless we complain.
There is no excuse. Veolia are paid to empty the bins.
Heaven knows the Veolia HGV's thunder along, rat-running through the Noel Park avenues on a daily basis even when not collecting there.
Hi Richard. Yep complain every time. It's more or less once or twice a month being missed now. This week they sent 3 blokes to check my bins after I complained. Only the third one actually took the recycling away. Goodness only knows what the other two were doing having a look...


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