I happened to pass someone dumping black bins tonight behind the barbers on Lordship Lane/Salisbury Rd and confronted them. What I learned surprised me to say the least...

The man concerned was a little intimidated by me confronting him and genuinely appeared surprised when I explained that flytipping is a crime.

He was Eastern European and I think lived on Lordship Lane itself. He explained his landlord had told him to leave his rubbish on the streets of Noel Park and that this was the correct thing to do. He didn't try to defend his actions, he explained he didn't have a wheely bin and felt he had no other choice but to flytip.

At first our chat was quite heated but I ended up feeling sorry for him, I now wonder how many people (perhaps through no fault of their own?) do not realise what is and isn't acceptable in terms of rubbish dumping?

I lived abroad a few years ago, and had it not been for the kind help of neighbours I would have been completely lost when it came to rubbish collections.

Perhaps part of the solution is better communication? After all, if you were new to the area how would you have a clue what to do?

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It has happened to me as well about one month ago. I saw a man dumping three large rubbish bags in Darwin Road and spoke to him. He said that he just moved in the area, didn't have a wheelie bin, and didn't know that the council collects rubbish once a week. I didn't question what he said but made it clear that I wasn't blaming him, just passing the information that these things should be sorted out through the council (using internet etc). I totally agree that better communication is very important, however I approached this man just because I felt reasonably safe that time, which is not always the case.

Interesting and worrying. How can anyone accept that it's ok to trash their community? Did you feel confident that this man was going to order a new bin from the council and question his landlord about the wrong information? 

Being new in a country and/or not having a good grasp of English is absolutely no excuse for dumping rubbish on anyone's streets.

If you don't know what to do with your rubbish, ask your neighbours and find out! Did you ask his landlords name? 

If you moved to Bulgaria would you think it was the norm to leave your rubbish on the streets?

Good for you for pointing this out to him (and we should all be doing this) but I don't think we should start feeling sorry for people that think this is acceptable.  


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