Does anyone know if the fabric & haberdashery shop is still open in the market behind the mall? If not, is there a local place I can buy darning thread?  The high road is such an unpleasant place to go at the moment that I’m trying to avoid an unproductive visit. 

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The fabric shop has gone, sadly. Maybe
Maybe Wilko? There's what looks like a good haberdashers in Palmer's Green, or you could call Nest in Crouch End?

Thanks! I tried Wilko with no luck & also looked for the fabric place since my original post. You're right. It's gone!

You could try the new wool shop at Blue House Yard - Knit Knack Shack. 

Thanks! I was thinking the same thing but I guess I have really bad luck when I go to Blue House Yard. I can't sync with the hours that anything's open!

Yes. It’s tricky as so many shops can’t afford to be open 7 days but they are pretty much always open Saturday. She’s on insta so might be worth messaging. She’s super nice. 

I understand! I just need to get organised & not just drop buy when I happen to be in the area. 


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