At some point in the future our UPVC door, frame and window will need replacing. I'd like to restore the place to it's former glory by installing an original wooden door.

Does anyone have any advice on where to get hold of an original wooden door?

I notice that the council seem to be replacing wooden doors with original style UPVC doors. I wonder what happens to the old ones once removed...

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Maybe you could try asking for one of the old ones when the council are in your street. Or just keep your eyes open for when someone breaks conservation area requirements and removes their original door that you could save from the skip. 

I'm pretty sure the new ones are wood, not UPVC. 

The company doing the renovations for Homes for Haringey has a local base in the caretakers cottage net to Noel Park School. I'd start there.

I did raise the issue of the spare doors with one of out councillors a while ago but don't know what's come of it.

There was also a previous thread on here about a carpenter who can make you a replica "original" door

I am finally getting round to replacing the 70's door which the previous owners must have also inherited.  Did you have any luck sourcing a door?  

The Noel Park conservation area booklet which the counsel produce suggest that planning permission is needed to replace a door.  I have looked into all the legalities of this but presumably as I won't be replacing an original door, I should be OK. My neighbours have just installed a plastic door so presume they didn't seek permission for this.

Actually, weirdly my street doesn't even seem to be within the boundary of the conservation area...

The boundry was recently expanded, so you may be now.

According to the council's website, you do need planning permission, though if you're going back to an original style, I the council will take notice either way. 

I've been told that Wates is making some original doors available, depending on what street you're in.

I 've also been told multiple times that the council is cracking down on the plastic doors and enclosed porches so I can only assume that your neighbour will eventually be asked to change it back to something more in keeping.

Many thanks!  I'm on a street north of the  Sandlings which sadly is not within the red or blue boundaries:

This may explain some of the building works/house enhancements which are going on!  Oh well, I'll try my best to get something as close to original as possible.

The good news for you is that you won't have to get planning permission. Also, it never hurts the value of your property to have original features and those that are as close to the original style as possible!

You can try Stoneage ( in Enfield, they have a pretty good selection, not cheap though.
I haven't gotten around to it yet. There are a few other half finished DIY I should get done first!
I'll be sure to report back here once I make some progress.


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