You may have noticed a bunch of white x's on paving stones all over Noel Park. I caught the highways employee who was marking them as he was doing it in front of my house. Apparently, the pavers that are marked are going to be pulled up and replaced with tarmac.

When I called the council and questioned this I was told: "safety first". Surely there's a way to ensure pavements are safe to walk on without marring the pavements in this way? I walked all around Crouch End and Muswell Hill last weekend and I walk around (the Camden end) of Highgate every week and I've never seen any white x's nor patchwork paving stones with tarmac patches. Why is this ugliness reserved for Noel Park, especially since we're an article 4 conservation area?

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This makes me so mad.  There are no tarmac roads in Muswell hill, crouch end or Alexandra park.  All the roads are nicely paved there, and yet, Noel Park is completely ignored by Haringey council.  I complained about the state of the roads in particular Gladstone Avenue when I first moved to noel park area three years ago.  I was told due to lack of funding, Haringey council had no intention of putting new pavements on Gladstone avenue and neighbouring roads.  I mentioned if that was the case then why were the roads in muswell hill and Alexandra park were replaced with new pavements and guess what? to this day still no response from Haringey council.   Maybe people who live in those parts make more noise than we do, there is definitely a class discrimination or something going on.

I think you're right. The people who shout the loudest get the most. Plus, class-discrimination is alive and well in Haringey. Did you see that rubbish article in The Evening Standard about Pret? If I ever read positive about Wood Green in that rag I will die of shock.

You only have to look at the condition of the parks in the richer parts of the borough and compare them to Russell Park to see the disparity.

That Evening Standard article about Pret made me laugh. Nothing like hearing someone from Winchmore Hill complain that Wood Green is set to lose its cultural identity because they've turned a Top Man in to a sandwich shop. John Toner has written some pretty offensive things about gentrification on twitter in the past (although has since deleted). Consistent at least.

The evening standard article is a joke in my opinion. I can't imagine anyone living in wood green complain about pret. It's always seems to be people who live outside Wood Green. It's as if they don't want Wood Green to improve . I personally love pret. Been there a few times since it's opened. It looks great from outside and inside, and the staff are extremely friendly. What should we have got instead? Another pound shop? Another betting shop? I live in Noel park and I want better for Wood Green and just because I want to see Wood Green improve doesn't mean wood green is losing its identity and will become gentrified? What utter nonsense I think.

The expanding, soak away product that has been used around trees on the High Road would work better than tarmac. Looks like its time to contact the council again......

I've noticed that too. It's funny that the other side of the borough has more trees but better pavements. Who do I report this to? I'm sick and tired of Noel Park always getting the shit end of the stick.

I've been contacting: and the conservation officers: &

When I've brought this up I've with the general Haringey customer service (highways doesn't seem to have a public email address) I've been told that I'm the only one "complaining". Obviously, that's council-speak for "No one else cares, so it's not a problem."

If you do care, it's important that you make your opinions heard.

I agree that Haringey council seem to do what they like on this side of the borough. As Noel Park is a conservation area the council needs to consider alternatives to tarmac. In Crouch End/ Muswell Hill near Queen's Wood, the pavements have all been restored to a 'lovely' shade of pink. It just makes this area feel more loved and looked after. Please add my name to the list of complainants.
Email sent to Haringey Council.

Email sent.

I'm really sick of the council just taking a backseat approach to handling issues that concern the area--whether it's the look, safety or a health/environmental issue. 'Let's do the absolute minimum' seems to be the motto when it concerns this side of the borough. They're ultimately going to push decent people out of the area sooner than some would like to leave.

Anyway, I know it's 'just a bit of tarmac' but it sets a precedent--one that says this side of the borough isn't 'affluent' enough to deserve equal funding as the other side. It's a conservation area and deserves a higher level of care and consideration when decisions such as this are made as opposed to just providing 'the minimum'. If the council don't take some pride in the area, they really can't expect residents to. It's a vicious cycle and one I'm sick of. 

I really hope other residents take the time to email.

Thanks to everyone who's written in, the council is asking for specific addresses where the white crosses are. If anyone else knows addresses or cross streets, please add them here.

So the council does not know where the white crosses are? And they are now expecting residents to give up more of their time to do the councils leg work for them? 

Here is the specific address; NOEL PARK N22! 


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