Wood Green listed in best places to rent for London Underground and transport links

For once we've made it onto a good list: The best places to rent for London Underground and transport links


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Most of the Properties around me are being rented Out

Including many houses as rooms. Expect population of Noel Park has doubled in last 20 years 

The overcrowding and some of the problems you are alluding to would be addressed if the council took action against exploit landlords - or those who are so out to lunch that they let prime tenants rent out these homes by the room. Haringey started a landlord licensing scheme back in March or May but no action seems to be taken yet. 

Will it? Probably not.

I agree with you that overcrowding is not good, for the infrastructure of neighbourhood and for the people living in crowded conditions. I also agree that the majority of residents are renters, both social and private. That’s not a bad thing, though, is it? 


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