A local resident has been in correspondence with the Chief Executive of the Metro Bank for two years about a giant photo of Crouch End displayed in their Wood Green branch as a representation of a local street. She has been tying to encourage them to display a more appropriate picture of Wood Green, or even Alexandra Palace - since it"s also in N22.

The bank argues that it’s too costly to change it and it doesn’t matter but she believes - and I agree - that the fact that the bank doesn't want to show a local scene does not put Wood Green it a good light and that we should be proud to live and work in Wood Green.

If you agree, please consider writing to the CEO, Craig Donaldson at 1 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5HA. Perhaps he’ll listen if more voices are raised. Many thanks.

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For some reason people don't post a lot on here so it may surprise you to know that we have almost 600 members - that's people who receive newsletters and can post on forums - plus an additional 2000 unique viewers per month. That's a lot of local people 

At Noel Park net HQ we've been thinking for a while that we would like to start a campaign or two to harness the power of such a large group of local people. This seems like a small thing but I'd argue that the way the businesses and their customers on the high road perceive Wood Green has a lot of impact on the way they treat the area and the daily lives of residents, even if it just affects our daily walk to the tube station. 

This seems like the perfect opportunity to test how effective we can be as a group of neighbours, working together toward a common cause. What do you think? Who's in? If you can commit to writing a couple of sentences to the CEO of Metro Bank to the address listed above, leave a comment below.

If this is successful we can move on to bigger things. 

There are some nice photos of the High Road here on the Harringay Online site - https://www.harringayonline.com/photo/albums/historical-images-of-w... & https://www.harringayonline.com/photo/albums/historical-images-of-w...

What about putting together a short-list of 10 or so and then inviting Wood Greeners to vote for the one they'd like to see in Metrobank rather than the photo of Crouch End..?

Or perhaps it might be possible to set up a public arts commission to design a visual artwork inspired by/collaboratively made by the people of Wood Green..? Maybe Collage Arts and/or StudioC306 might be interested/able to help..?

That’s a great idea. I think we should include some contemporary photos, too. I’ve seen some nice ones taken from River Park Housebof the street below, from Sky City of the street below And from Page High, of Noel Park.

Sorry for the multiple posts, here, but I just thought of something else. Friends of Alexandra Park have some nice photos they used for their calendar. Those may be appropriate, too, since that is also part of Wood Green.

Does anyone have any interest in this? It seems that our idea of running a campaign on this is falling a bit flat. I wrote a letter and I know of at least one other person who did, but that’s all I’ve heard.


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