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Small local businesses are changing it up to accomodate lockdown

* Things may change quickly so this list will be updated daily*

Lockdown is already having a devastating effect on our small local businesses. Unlike corporate chains that syphon money out of a neighbourhood, these are the businesses that contribute to the local economy by keeping money in the community. They give our neighbourhood character and life and they're most likely run by local residents. 

I've compiled a list of how you can…


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A Wood Green gem posted on Londonist

Posted with permission from the twitter feed of Jules & Gems at Blues House Yard. Link to the original post is at the bottom of this post 


by Julie Ashton

Two weeks ago Blue House Yard was featured in the @londonist_com…/features/blue-house-yard-wood-green -

On the back of this article - and the very same day it was released - a wonderful women walked into my shop saying that she…


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Latest advice and information from Haringey Council

Publication date: March 4, 2020

With the number of coronavirus cases in the UK and Europe on the rise, we are constantly reviewing this evolving situation in close collaboration with our counterparts within the NHS and Public Health England (PHE).

The latest available evidence is that the coronavirus is a mild illness in most cases, with the majority of people developing a cough and fever.

However, those who are…


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Noel Park featured in Haringey People

This month's Haringey People features two of Noel Park Big Local partnership members. Thank you Charmaine and Luke for all of the hard work you've done in our community.

Added by Noel Park Big Local Partnership on February 16, 2020 at 22:00 — 2 Comments

People's Question Time Wood Green

When People's Question Time came to Wood Green local people had an opportunity to ask the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and London Assembly Members about their plans and priorities for the city.  …


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Where to go if you need medical help over Christmas and New Year

To help you access the right health service for your needs over Christmas and New Year, below is information about services available  so that you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Using the right health services is not only good for you, but helps the NHS as a whole by making sure resources are used in the right…


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Noel Park People: Local gardening hero featured in Haringey people

You may have noticed all the daffodils that sprout up every spring in Russell Park. They are the work of our Noel Park neighbour Floyd who marshalls fellow residents to plant dozens, if not hundreds of bulbs every year. He also plants vegetables among the traditional types of plants we're used to seeing in parks, along with trees, roses and all sorts of greenery.

Floyd is featured in Haringey People this month in recognition of the volunteer work he's done to green up Russell Park and…


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Craniosacacral Therapy

I am now working as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist. This is a gentle but powerful hands-on therapy that helps restore health and balance to the body. I am registered with the craniosacral association who provide a good video about the therapy:

The wonderful Wood Green Complementary Health Centre where I work is on Lordship Lane, just by the W3 bus stop by Wood Green tube.…


Added by Sophie Ball on March 11, 2019 at 10:00 — 1 Comment

Noel Park Neighbourhood Watch

Noel Park Neighbourhood Watch is in need of a new coordinator. 

Neighbourhood Watches are run entirely by the local residents with support from the police and other organisations. Neighbourhood Watch is not just about reducing crime; it is about creating communities that care.

Neighbourhood Watch brings local people together and can make a real contribution to improving lives and the environment.

Members are encouraged to take action as a group to tackle community…


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Need to see a GP but don't have enough time in the week?

There are four GP Hubs in Haringey that have evening and weekend appointments.

The GP Hubs are available to all residents in Haringey and are open

Monday to Friday: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Weekends and Public Holidays: 8am - 8pm

To find out more about the service click the following link: 

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Anyone living, working, studying or visiting the borough can make a report on using the Council's online form 24 hours a day at…


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Noel Park Primary School: Flower Boxes for Railings

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know about a project that I' am overseeing via the Noel Park Big Local: Green Spaces Project. Noel Park Primary School, located on Gladstone Avenue and Lymington Avenue. Outside the school, on the pavement are metal railings. I had the idea of installing flower box planters to the railings. I have done a lot of research and found a suitable planter. It contains a reservoir and therefore eliminates the need for constant watering!

I have met with…


Added by Duke on February 27, 2018 at 22:00 — 8 Comments

Haringey rough sleeper count - your help requested

Since Autumn 2010 all local authorities are required to submit an annual figure indicating the numbers of people sleeping rough in their area. Councils can do this by choosing to conduct a count or submitting an intelligence-based estimate of the number of people rough sleeping on a typical night. Haringey have decided that this year they…

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Crafty North Londoner Christmas Market

Discover the perfect gifts and the talented makers behind them at your Etsy Made Local Tottenham.

The Crafty North Londoner is helping the people of north London conquer their festive shopping and connect with the makers and designers behind the perfect gifts at Etsy Made Local…


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Fireworks don't have to be ear splitting to be fun. We can enjoy them in safety, without causing annoyance to our neighbours and their pets and wildlife. If you have your own firework display, remember that too much noise can frighten people and animals and that fireworks cause smoke and pollution.

Give neighbours a few days notice of…


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What is the name of this alley?

 Does it come under the Sandlings ? Cobham Rd Alley ? Frome Rd Alley ?…


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What if you can't read the fly tipping signs?

While walking to work I saw some rubbish under a sign this morning, The thought struck me "What if you can't read the fly tipping signs? What could they be saying ?"

"Look at this cool stuff we have managed to find on the street…


Added by Piers M on September 27, 2017 at 20:05 — 5 Comments

Picking up rat food on a Saturday morning

The empty lot on the corner of Lordship Lane and Moselle attracts a  particular type of flytipping. In addition to the typical fare of mattresses, broken furniture and bags full of rubbish somebody is leaving piles of bread, rice and meat for the rats. 

After a combination of rainy and hot days this week was particularly bad. Despite multiple reports Veolia was slow to pick it up so Ted and I took the matter into our own hands. Armed with plastic gloves and a shovel, we picked up a…


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Yesterday on the corner of Hewitt and Darwin  I am taking a picture of some dumped rubbish on the Haringey app and a guy says what are you doing that for? So I tell him "oh you are one of those, you are a snitch"   "no" I reply .. So I tell him if everyone does their part then maybe we can make the area better. Fail... I do  not think I convinced him.


Telling the council were there is dumped rubbish is considered "snitching????".... Ahhh Haaa this is…


Added by Piers M on June 6, 2017 at 9:28 — 5 Comments

Rat runs

Hello all,

Please feel sorry for Moselle Avenue, Noel Park. Google maps have advertised it as a rat-run for HGV's, trucks, lorries, buses, vans and convoys of cars coming off the A109 Lordship Lane. After all,  it is so easy isn't it to drive down Moselle Avenue rather than staying on the A roads except for access.  Our poor house shudders and jolts.....

Yes, the council know this.

Added by Richard Gamble on June 1, 2017 at 9:18 — 3 Comments

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