Small local businesses are changing it up to accomodate lockdown

* Things may change quickly so this list will be updated daily*

Lockdown is already having a devastating effect on our small local businesses. Unlike corporate chains that syphon money out of a neighbourhood, these are the businesses that contribute to the local economy by keeping money in the community. They give our neighbourhood character and life and they're most likely run by local residents. 

I've compiled a list of how you can continue to support these valuable local assets, even if you can't visit them in person. If you know of anything I've left out please add them to the comments below.

Cakes and Ladders

This is the cafe and taproom in the red bus in Blue House Yard. To stay in business despite forced closure Cakes and Ladders has several initiatives on the go to help us all get through Lockdown:

1) A self-isolation board game rental delivery service.

Full info here: Big Night in with Cakes and Ladders

2) Hamper delivery - high-quality household essentials. 

Each hamper includes items which you may be struggling to find in your local shops. All bread will be freshly baked on the day it is sent out to you (if you'd prefer a box without bread, that's available, too)
All orders placed before 12pm will be eligible for next day delivery by the friendly pedal powered team completely free of charge - delivery will also be contact-free.

They are currently delivering to N8/N22/N13/N10/N17/N15 postcodes 

3) For every 10 boxes sold, one box will be sent to an NHS key worker completely FREE of charge. 

To order a box: email at 

4) Earth Tap and Cakes and Ladders have teamed up to launch a campaign to save the bus: Save our London Bus

Posh Pets
Posh Pets on Lordship Lane is currently open and operating a one-in-one-out basis. Please follow her social distancing rules so she can continue to stay open so people can get food and vital supplies for their pets. 

Current hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm - closed on Wednesdays. We'll update you as this changes.

It's times like these when the old-fashioned ways turn out to be the best. Jimmy delivers twice a week in the neighbourhood and can provide milk and milk substitutes in zero-waste bottles as well as eggs, bread and juices. Call him at 07950 714354.

Cross Chemist

Cross Chemist on Lordship Lane is also operating a one-in-one-out basis and imposing social distancing. 

All Good Bookshop

You may know Tim from Big Green Bookshop. His new independent bookshop, All Good Books, currently has two locations: one for used books in Blue House Yard and one that doubles as a community space in Turnpike Lane.

You can order books for delivery on the bookshop's twitter @allgoodbookshop or email book requests to orders@allgoodbookshop.

If you want to be part of the Wood Green literary scene, you could become a member of the All Good Bookshop coop. 

The Goodness Brewery

You can order Goodness Brewery beer and pizza from Deliveroo from about or just beer from our webshop (see our website) Delivery is free within 2 miles.

They are also offering pay now save later gift vouchers.

Full info here Goodness Brewery

Also - Props to Green Rooms Hotel for providing free accommodation to NHS staff while they are closed to the public during this crisis

This list is by no means complete, so if you know of any other small independent businesses and ways to support them, please add them in the comments. 

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Comment by Eleanor Abernathy on March 31, 2020 at 13:15

The Goodness pizzas are good. 

Comment by Rachella Sinclair on March 28, 2020 at 13:01

Just wanted to add - if you run a small local business that’s made adjustments to keep going during lockdown, message me privately and I’ll add it to the blog above. 

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