A message from Jackson's Lane:   

Although we will no longer be able to hold Christmas Day at Jacksons Lane this year, we will be ensuring any elderly or disabled local community members that are on their own for Christmas Day are not let down by this long-established service. 

 This year, we are working on several options (Covid-19 dependent):

  • a volunteer will go into the recipient's home with food, a game/activity and a gift, and spend some time with them (max. three hours)
  • we will run a delivery service, consisting of the same elements above (food, game, gift)
  • we will identify local families who are happy to have a guest for Christmas Day and match with suitable recipients

Please let me know of anyone who would benefit from this scheme. 


Please forward this email to any organisations or groups (charities, churches, book clubs, cafes etc.) who you think this information would useful to. We have Homes For Haringey covered, thank you. 


Take care, 

Best wishes, 



Jennifer  Oliver jennifer.oliver@jacksonslane.org.uk

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