When People's Question Time came to Wood Green local people had an opportunity to ask the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and London Assembly Members about their plans and priorities for the city.  

When one of my neighbours offered me a ticket that he couldn't use I jumped at the chance. 

Although I have seen these events televised in other areas of London I wasn't sure what to expect. The  website suggested that topic discussed could include:

  • transport
  • safety
  • air quality and environment
  • housing
  • growing London's economy
  • other (culture, education)

On the night, Latin village was the number one topic. The Wards Corner campaigners are organised and consistent in their message, somehow managing to link it to whatever category was brought up. 

The second most popular topic was pollution and the environment, then came regeneration/gentrification.

Crime was touched on but quickly moved on to stop & search, lack of opportunities for youth, and drug trafficking (county lines). I didn't really hear anything new in the responses except that more police are being deployed in Turnpike Lane & Wood Green and all councils are getting a youth fund. 

The crowd was on fire, heckling the mayor and booing the tory assembly members. 

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Comment by Rachella Sinclair on February 15, 2020 at 8:06

It was January 23.

Comment by Bob Rugglesndongladstone on February 14, 2020 at 20:02

When was that? 

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