Picking up rat food on a Saturday morning

The empty lot on the corner of Lordship Lane and Moselle attracts a  particular type of flytipping. In addition to the typical fare of mattresses, broken furniture and bags full of rubbish somebody is leaving piles of bread, rice and meat for the rats. 

After a combination of rainy and hot days this week was particularly bad. Despite multiple reports Veolia was slow to pick it up so Ted and I took the matter into our own hands. Armed with plastic gloves and a shovel, we picked up a whole bag of this nasty waste.

When I see a recurring problem in the same location, I often assume that most people in the neighbourhood don't care or perhaps don't notice. In Noel Park this assumption simply isn't true. While we were picking up this rubbish three different people stopped to thank us. Two told us they also report flytips with one taking the extra step to report a neighbour. 

I hear this over and over again. Despite the large amount of rubbish lying around it seems that most residents I talk to would rather not live in a rubbish dump caused by a few anti-social people. 

What can we do to get to the root cause of this problem? Does anyone have any ideas?

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Comment by Robert Thairu on October 4, 2017 at 7:52
Organic waste is the problem when it comes to rats etc. More, better, easier, first class and accessible food collection service is the answer...#EERWeAre

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