Response to Wood Green Residents: Flytipping

I received this email from Cllr Seema Chandwani outlining what the council's doing about the flytipping problem in Noel Park & thought I'd share it with everyone who's interested in the issue. 

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Dear All

I hope you do not mind the collective response, I am conscious that there is a few of you emailing, tweeting and contacting me about your concerns over fly-tipping in the Wood Green area (all wards).

Firstly, I want to say that I fully accept we have a problem in the whole of the Wood Green area, I am not going to down-play it or dismiss your concerns. I agree there is a problem and I am determined to fix it.

Below is a long email, but I want to address some of the issues you've individually raised.

Enforcement Action:
In the past 12 months we have issued just over 500 fines for waste related offences in the whole borough. 89 of them have been in the Noel Park and Woodside Wards. There is possibly another 10 in Bounds Green ward of Wood Green and another 5 in the West Green ward of Wood Green. I am sorry I cannot be more accurate about the latter two, they cross different postcodes and I couldn't wait for that manual search.

It's a good estimate that we are looking at over 100 fines in N22 which is 20% of the whole borough. However, despite this - we still are seeing problems.

What type of fly tipping are you investigating?
I have been through the cases of the Enforcement Team to understand this better and we seem to be dealing with a range of different issues not seen in other wards, and this is predominately because Wood Green has a shopping district. Some of the cases I have seen include behind shops and restaurants, around the 'cultural quarter, around the Decorum and around the Civic Centre. 

This is in addition to the 'normal residential' roads. 

Is the Veolia contract effective?
I believe there are misconceptions about the role of Veolia that I wish to address. Veolia are paid for a range of services (bin collecting, sweeping, fly-tip collecting, graffiti removal etc). They are not paid to Enforce against fly-tippers. 

What are we doing about it?
  1. The new Street Enforcement team commenced two weeks ago and hit the ground running with nearly £4,000 worth of fines issued in their first week just in Noel Park. The team will be focusing on the N22 area for the next few months. 

  2. We have invested in CCTV raising the amount we have from 6 across the borough to 39 in the past year. We already have CCTV on the Noel Park Estate and Scotch Estate however we will be placing more in these locations. 

  3. We have allocated a further additional Enforcement Officer to focus on these two estates

I want it noted that whilst these are Enforcement Officers, they do not just take Enforcement action, but do a range of things to solve reoccurring problems.

The above 3 actions are just what we have decided to do as an immediate action. Over the next few weeks, we have asked an Enforcement Manager from another area to do an assessment on the issues and feedback as a 'fresh-eyes' appraisal on what else can be done, he will be looking through all of the reports, the emails you have sent me, speaking to Veolia, doing some walk arounds etc. 

I will feedback in about a month - 6 weeks on how that has gone. I will also know more about the CPZ review for Noel Park which is scheduled to happen in the next few months. 

Please bear with me.
Kind Regards

Seema Chandwani 

Labour Councillor for West Green Ward
Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Statutory Deputy Leader of the Council

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Comment by BOBR on August 23, 2020 at 0:41

Has anyone herd from Noel Park Councillors recently ?I

Big joke is people dumping rubbish via vehicles where Scavenger crews have there breaks

Especially builders. As they have problems visiting Western road tip. As most use Vans 

Saw on recent TV report that Hounslow Council has Enforcement Offices visiting estates. Re dumped on footway and residents with messy rubbish filled front gardens 

Comment by Jeremy Buck on August 6, 2020 at 14:11

Just to say that in my experience, credit should,go to Veolia who are very efficient in picking up fly-tipping once reported. I report fly-tipping through "Love Clean Streets" website. The rubbish is very often picked up the same day, and nearly always by the day after.  I've noticed there is often a pile on the corner of  Moselle and Salisbury. I'm not convinced that some of the flats above the shops have wheelie bins- they're not evident outside - and dump rubbish on the street?

Here in Pelham Road the situation has improved a bit, there was always a pile of rubbish in Gladstone Mews, now there is very rarely any. There has been a  camera overlooking that spot, though that's now been moved to Gladstone Avenue.  The greater problem here is rat-running traffic which seems to be getting worse...!

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